Summer Bolognese // Coming up: Prawn & Mango Salad

September 15, 2017

 This week’s morsels from the kitchen of our ‘Capo’, chef Paola Toppi…

Summer Bolognese

With spring now in full bloom – or ‘boom’, based on the positive upswing in everyone’s attitude – I’m tweaking the menu to reflect all the new, fresh seasonal ingredients (see below) coming in. One dish I return to the menu every spring without fail is my summer bolognese. It’s not so much an overhaul of my winter bolognese, but more of a tweak. The base flavour is still the same, however I swap out the heavier red sauce and replace with beautiful cherry tomatoes along with garlic, chilli and basil. It’s got a lovely little kick, is light and served with our homemade pappardelle it hopefully will just melt in your mouth.


Crystal Bay Prawn and Mango Salad

We never use imported fruit here at Bar Machiavelli, which is why I’m excited by the official launch of mango season next week. We will be offering mango pavlova for desert, and for entree a beautiful prawn and mango salad. I use Crystal Bay prawns sourced from North Queensland in the dish, which are smaller but sweeter than large ones (trust me, it really makes a difference). I cook about 10-12 prawns per plate and we put in mango and witlof, a very nice but expensive lettuce, as well as other mixed lettuce, radicchio, cherry tomatoes and fresh Queensland mangoes. It’s topped off with a saffron balsamic dressing, which is really, really nice.


Patagonian Tooth Fish

Now that our well-heeled customers are seemingly back from their winter takeover of Capri and Greece I’m bringing back the Patagonian fish. Patagonia fish is a lovely type of cod found in the deep and very cold waters of the southern Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans. Because of the cold temperatures it’s a very white and fleshy fish. It’s extremely oily, like salmon or trout, and delicious. We cook it in the same fashion as our poached John Dory in an orange and lemon sauce, so the acidity mixes with the fatty flesh. Oh, I can’t wait to eat this… hope you can’t, too.

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