New Spring Menu: The Quail Of Your Dreams

September 29, 2017

Spring morsels from the kitchen of our ‘Capo’, Paola Toppi

The quail of your dreams (or at least mine).

I was having a dream last night that I was caramelising something. In the dream I couldn’t remember what it was, then the next morning it came to me: balsamic-glazed quail. With that fresh in my mind, and with our new spring dishes coming up next week, I’ve decided to introduce this to the menu. We firstly make a beautiful glaze from freshly squeezed orange juice, honey, sugar, garlic, thyme and the best balsamic from Modena. We then let the quail rest in the glaze so it’s infused with this sweet but lovely Asian-style finish (feedback so far has been incredible), then bake the quail for 10-15 minutes until its nearly ready and grill it so you get that lovely caramelisation.

We’re also dong a slow-cooked veal rib-eye fillet, which is amazing. We cook the veal very slowly for a few hours then leave it at room temperature, sear it on a very hot griddle and serve with sautéed potatoes, spinach and the veal jus.

We also have new homemade focaccia, which you might have seen on our Instagram feed this week. The focaccia will be available all the time on the menu, and we hope you love it as much as we do. Don’t fill up before your meal, though!


Crystal Bay Prawn & Mango Salad

This is already my new favourite salad, as it is super fresh, heathy and has all the perfect contrasts: sweet versus bitter, crunch v succulence. I use the small Crystal Bay prawns sourced from far north Queensland because they’re sweeter and marry perfectly with mango. Mix that with the sour bitterness of Witlof lettuce mixed with radicchio, rocket cos and a pomegranate balsamic. Bellissimo…


Just Desserts

Don’t leave Bar Mach without trying our new pavlovas, made here in our kitchen by Domenico, our pastry chef from Naples. Mangoes are deliciously in season and are the perfect sweet treat to cap off your meal, preferably with a digestivo from Matteo. Remember: if you’re out at the theatre or on the town, you can always drop by Bar Mach to enjoy one of our fresh desserts with a drink at the bar.

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