Millefoglie // Guns ‘n’ Roses // License to Thrill

August 24, 2017

 This week’s morsels from the kitchen of our ‘Capo’, chef Paola Toppi…

Just Desserts

I was having a vivid dream one night about a vanilla slice and when I woke up I knew we had to make this Millefoglie, which is the Italian version. Millefoglie (‘thousand layers’) traces its origins in France, but is typically served as a cake at traditional Italian family functions. We’ve cut it down to size and make it fresh every night made-to-order here at Bar Machiavelli. Domenico, our pastry chef from Naples, makes this from crisp pastry, custard cream infused with Jamaican rum and fresh strawberries.

It’s delicious. I dare you to try it and not like it.


Bring the Guns Out

What to drink with the millefoglie? Our head barman, Matteo, advises our smoky signature cocktail, Guns’n’Roses. Made with 12-year-old Chivas Regal whisky, Montenegro liqueur, rose essence, Angostura bitters and garnished with dried orange, Guns’n’Roses is a bitter-sweet drink with a good body. The Montenegro might be sweet, but it contrasts well with the smokiness of the whisky and roses. A perfect accompaniment, in other words, to drink with the savoury-but-sweet millefoglie.

guns and roses long shot

License to Thrill

Of course, we’re known as a restaurant, but Bar Machiavelli is also a bar, run by Matteo, our award-winning barman. We have what is called a primary service license, which means you can come here not only to eat, but also to drink. We love having you to eat in the restaurant, but feel free to drop by for an aperitivo and antipasto before going out to the theatre or dinner elsewhere, or join us for some milefoglie and a digestivo afterwards. Matteo and his team love creating bespoke creations according to your tastes and whims… they live for it.

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